6. Kongres PTKS - Media i Społeczeństwo w erze platform, algorytmów i danych. Gdańsk, 22-24.09.2022


Uniwersytet Gdański

Dear Members and Supporters
of the Polish Communication Association,

you are cordially invited to attend the 6th Polish Communication Association Congress, held from 22 to 24 September 2022 in Gdańsk.

In a period of change in the modes of communication and in the quality of relations (nowadays inflicted primarily by the state of pandemic), awaiting results of the first evaluation of our discipline (in terms of its scientific and educational potential), let us meet and discuss the weighty issue stated in the Congress’ slogan. Let us meet and consider the current position of Communication and Media studies.  The Congress is an opportunity to reflect upon the current stage of our discipline’s autonomy of research; therefore, it is worth being there. What is more, the Association is to face new duties and responsibilities, one being the task of mapping the route for the following term. Our experience says that what makes our circles so strong, is community.  Let us then meet at the Congress and let us successfully continue the strategy for the development of our discipline.

Warm regards and see you in Gdańsk,

prof. dr hab. Iwona Hofman
President of the Polish Communication Association

Uniwerystet Gdański